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    Hey, We Built This Site!

    We are Zofishan and Asmara, aka 001 & 046.

    Our story is somewhat same as every other student. We built this website, with the help of our supervisor, Mr. Ashfaq Hussain Farooqi, as our final year project for the degree of BS Software Engineering (Non-Engineering)... Whaaaat?

    Let's not get into the detail of engineering or non-engineering. We spent our entire degree dreading about it. What is important is that atleast we got to learn how to design and develop a website which we simply love to do. We spent days and nights creating this site, proof would be that its 4:45 am and I'm sitting here writing this piece.

    Hoping that our work clearly depicts that we have a "THING" for designing. Which we Really Really DO!

    We wanted others to be able to design their heart out without downloading any extra applications. We realize that in creating something you sometimes need help from a friend or an expert or you just want to get comments or PRAISES on your amazing work. We have taken care of all of that for you in a single website because we both would use two to three different applications to get our work done which was really frustrating. So we decided to take matters in our own hands and voila.

    Anyways, we hope you like what we have done. Also, do pray that we pass our FYP (Final Year Project) with flying Colors.

    Happy Designing.